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We've upgraded our renderfarm with 4x the GPU amount.

What is ClusterFarm?

ClusterFarm is a privately-owned, European-based KeyShot render farm and hardware provider focused on delivering more flexibility to the KeyShot users and meeting their rendering deadlines.

What sets ClusterFarm apart from other render farms?

ClusterFarm focuses on one program, KeyShot. We provide our CPU and GPU - powered rendering service to simple, one-man shops as well as companies who have high volume rendering needs. Additionally, we provide scalable hardware options for those who desire to use their KeyShot Network Rendering license to access more CPU cores and faster results. We also attend to every file personally with years of experience to make the files take less time in terms of rendering, and also optimize un-optimized files if needed.

Render Plans

Cluster Starter

Perfect for smaller projects. And quick re-render jobs that are on a tight schedule.

60/ Hour

Every 15 minutes after one hour will be charged as 10€ per 15 minutes.
* Project files can be obtained after the bill has been paid.
* 128 Cores of rendering performance or 1 GPU (RTX 3090 24GB)
*60€ upfront deposit is required.
Backup of rendered files.

Cluster Daily

This daily rental package lets you use the renderfarm for 24 hours. 250€/24h (128 cores or 1 GPU) or 325€/24h (256 cores or 2 GPU's)

300/ 24h (CPU MODE)

375/ 24h (GPU MODE)

* Requires 100% upfront payment (for 1st time customers)
128 or 256 Cores of rendering performance for 24h, or 1 - 2 (RTX 3090's 24GB)
Backup of rendered files.

Cluster Weekly

Perfect for someone who has a large number of files to be rendered or an animation that is in 4k.

650/ 7 Days (CPU MODE)

850/ 7 Days (GPU MODE)

* Requires 100% upfront payment (for 1st time customers)
128 or 256 Cores of rendering performance for 24h, or 1 - 2 (RTX 3090's 24GB)
Backup of rendered files.
9AM to 9PM CET support

Preparing your files for a quote prior to contact. Before asking for a vague quote for your file we reccommend going into KeyShot and selecting > Save Package and uploading it to either We-transfer or Google Drive. With the link to a downloadable KSP file in the request we can give you a better estimate in the time to render the file and also to make a specific quote. (Lock your output resolutions and cameras also)

All of our prices are time based.
For a difinitive plan, please send us your KSP file.
EDU license users get a 20% discount.

Here's an overview of the pricing for simple one hour use case scenarios to a full farm rental for weeks. For enterprise customers who plan on using the farm for months on end we offer a special package not listed here.
Usecase scenarios and some insight what plan to order:

Cluster Starter™ - mainly for small, short animatons, and up to 10k 32 sample still images in 1 hour.

Cluster Daily™ - mainly for medium to large scale animatons (1080p@30/60fps - 4k@30fps for 600 frames), and up to 20k 60 sample still images in 2 or 3 hours per image.

Cluster Weekly™ - As many things can be done as you please, this plan is for the poweruser who's utilizing the farm to it's full potential rendering whatever they can with 1 week.
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