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Terms of Service

Terms of Service and prior to contact information.
For ordering, please send us an email, stating your desired plan, the rough estimate on how long you are planning on using the farm and a little insight to the scene setup for us to recommend a suitable rendering plan.

For Cluster Daily™ users we recommend contacting us atleast 2-3 days prior to rental period, we'll make room on the farm just for you, you are our priority.

Every rendering order will get support when needed, prior to sending files and during that process.

Some ground rules:

If you are offline or not working in the weekend and you still have your render time unused for that period, then it'll be unused, the time that was in the weekend will not be refunded or credited in no shape or form. If the Client can send their files before the weekend starts then everything that is in the que can be processed within the weekend. If the client wises to use our service of working with their files, then this is a paid service meaning that every camera angle per file will cost 15 EUR per camera, or if many scenes are used within a number of files, each file with multiple cameras or just a number of many scenes, the sending of each one of them is 25 EUR.

We do not take responsibility for scenes that we're not set up by us, thus every mistake you make in Keyshot, will reflect in the end-result. Therefore we do not give way to re-renders if the re-render can not be done within the timeframe of the seleced renderplan.

A refund may only be issued if the farm is either down or the client wishes to cancel the order within 1 day from the start of placing the order. If the farm can't be used by the client during their reserved time period, the rendering time shall be postponed and a record of it will be kept in our database and also the client will get a copy of that.

100 EUR refund will be issued to clients using the weekly plan, if the renders that we're set up by us and optimized by us are not meeting the client's expectations or have caused problems by using different versions of Keyshot which have diminishing returns in some applications.

If the client finishes using the farm ahead of time, the unused time does not give the right to ask for a partial refund or a secondary time crediting option of the previous unused render time.

If the client uses the farm and is on a tight schedule, the render that is in progress still will render however long it will take, we can't meet your deadline in no way or form if the settings of the render are exeeding your deadline or render plan in the first place.

If the Client has connection problems we offer a way to connect to the master server directly via either Remote Desktop Connection or Teamviewer. We have Master server that also has Keyshot installed on it. So you can transfer all of your files to the master server and not worry about connection issues with the Que program on your side. - In some cases your ISP might have either blocked or disabled the ports we're using. Thus this option might come in handy.

Full refunds will not be issued to any plans, even if the render output is not meeting your expectations

Partial refunds will only be issued if the client is stating that his/her/their render was not completed within the timeframe from starting of the render plan to the end of render plan (the render can't be completed within 24 hours, or 1 week on continuous rendering mode)

VIP customers:

These clients are entitled for a 20% discount after their 5th order of either Cluster Daily™ or Cluster Weekly™ plan.

VIP customers get a chance to be apart of a montly lottery for Cluster Daily™ rendertime. An e-mail will be sent out monhtly to a lucky customer.

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